Consulting – Know what you have for good decisions​

When the possibilities and potential of a single property or a portfolio of holdings are uncertain, we can give clarity with our consulting services to make good decisions by studying existing conditions and potential opportunities to achieve objectives.

Real Estate & Land Use Consulting

Kauai Valuation understands for you to make a wise decision you need an accurate understanding of all the aspects of the real estate asset. We are able to go beyond giving a professional opinion of the value. Our consulting services include, but are not limited to:


  • Portfolio Analysis: Useful in looking at the holdings and identifying the highest and best use and help to develop a framework for decision making to reach your goals.
  • Market Studies: Market studies prepared by Kauai Valuation demonstrate the comprehensive scope of the firm’s analytical capabilities and extensive knowledge of Hawaii’s real estate markets. Studies are commissioned for a variety of purposes where timely forecasts, insightful demand/supply assessment, economic modeling and informed recommendations are critical for land planning and investment decision-making. Assignments typically assist in highest and best use determinations, timing, capital commitments, and support land use change petitions. Kauai Valuation also prepares economic impact, public fiscal cost/benefit, secondary impact and workforce/affordable housing studies associated with the entitlement process.
  • Legal Support: If a real estate matter is challenged through litigation, your choice of consultant takes on heightened importance. Many consultants can prepare a report; successfully defending it with millions of dollars at stake is a different matter.
  • Marketability Studies: Useful in determining a specific highest and best use, testing development proposals, and projecting an appropriate tenant mix, this microeconomic study examines the marketability of a given property or class of properties, usually focusing on the market segment(s) in which the property is likely to generate demand and investigates how a particular piece of property will be absorbed, sold, or leased under current or anticipated market conditions.
  • Feasibility Analysis: Investigates whether a project will fulfill the objectives of the investor. The profitability of a specific real estate project is analyzed in terms of the criteria of a specific market or investor.
  • Investment Analysis: Reflecting on the relationship between acquisition price and anticipated future benefits of a real estate investment, this analysis is used to determine whether a specific property meets the risk and return requirements of a particular investor.
  • Highest and Best Use Analysis: Zoning and land use ordinances often allow a variety of uses on a property and there are also often physical limitations as to how a property can be used. Our Highest and Best Use analysis will help you to determines the maximally productive uses of your property which is legally permissible, physically possible, financially feasible, appropriately supported and that results in the highest value for your property.
  • And more...